Diagnostic systems for gynaecological cancer screening

The CONFIDENCE™ biomarker can assess the risk of cervical cancer in each woman.

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Cervical Cancer Prevention

The CONFIDENCE™ product portfolio includes two tests: an HPV screening test and an epigenetic biomarker assay. The workflow offers automated PCR setup and automated result evaluation.

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Science & Technology

  • Overview

    NEUMANN is a data driven company. Up to date over 7,000 cervical samples were tested in a clinical trial the company is sponsoring. This is a tremendous opportunity to show the value of NEUMANN’s CONFIDENCE™ tests.

  • Why Pap test needs improvement

    Over a 100 million women are screened for cervical cancer each year in the Western World and through these programs cervical cancer was reduced by 50%, but the system lacks efficiency, automation and objectivity.

  • Early results of the clinical trial - HPV 2015 presentation

    Epigenetic markers on the horizon: how to triage hrHPV positive women? Presented at the 30th International Papillomavirus Conference, Sept 17-21 2015, Lisbon, Portugal.

  • CONFIDENCE™ HPV validation results

    In the clinical study the CONFIDENCE™ HPV test showed high agreement with the comparator test.

  • Personalized Risk Assessment for Every Women

    NEUMANN has a new approach: personalized risk assessment for every women. The CONFIDENCE™ Marker can establish the risk of every patient for dysplasia.

  • 3D Demonstration of Cervical Cancer Risk Map

    The presented 3D risk assessment map shows the probability of an underlying CIN2+ based on the patient’s age and the epigenetic test result.


Management Team

  • Miklós Nyíri
    Managing Director

  • Márta Benczik MD
    Clinical Director

  • Adrienn Kocsis MD, MSc
    Deputy Clinical Director

  • Tibor Takács MSc
    Head of Assay Development