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Cervical Cancer Prevention

The CONFIDENCE™ product portfolio is a comprehensive solution for cervical cancer screening including a high-risk human papillomavirus (hrHPV) screening test and an epigenetic biomarker for triaging the hrHPV positive women.

The CONFIDENCE™ tests can also complement existing screening methods to substantially increase the sensitivity without seriously impacting specificity, i.e. to find more patients in need of treatment without a major increase in the number of colposcopy referrals. In fact this is the first cervical cancer screening test which can provide a personalized risk assessment for cervical pre-cancer or cancer.

The CONFIDENCE™ product portfolio includes the CONFIDENCE™ HPV test which is a high-throughput molecular assay system including DNA extraction, PCR setup, real-time PCR based amplification and simultaneous detection with automated result evaluation.

The test’s performance was compared to the cobas® HPV test. You may find the results of the comparison in the Scientific section. A presentation containing early results of the clinical trial validating the CONFIDENCE™ tests is also available.

The triage test within the portfolio is the CONFIDENCE™ Marker, a host-gene methylation test measuring the methylation level of the promoter sequence of the POU4F3 gene normalized to a quantitative measurement of the COL2A1 gene.

Based on this result, women may be referred to colposcopy even if their Pap test was negative. NEUMANN recommends testing Pap negative, ASCUS and LSIL samples with the CONFIDENCE™ tests to establish their HPV status and to assess their risk for CIN2+ (moderate cervical dysplasia or worse condition).

Read more about NEUMANN’s proprietary risk assessment method.

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