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3D Demonstration of Cervical Cancer Risk Map

The 3D graph above is a risk assessment map showing the probability of an underlying CIN2+ based on the patient’s age and the epigenetic test result (CONFIDENCE™ Marker).

Horizontal axis X: age of the patient (20 - 60)

Horizontal axis Y: methylation index, the result of the CONFIDENCE™ Marker test (0 - 3,000)

Vertical axis Z: risk for CIN2+ calculated as the ratio of the number of histologically confirmed cases versus the number of negative or presumed negative cases (0% - 70%)

The upper and the lower surfaces correspond to the hrHPV positive and the hrHPV negative groups, respectively. As the graph shows, hrHPV positive women carry a significantly higher risk. The risk in the hrHPV positive group reaches 10% already at a relatively low methylation index level at age 30 to 35. Whereas irrespective of methylation index level, the risk for hrHPV negative women does not exceed 10% except in one case from among 4,414 cases tested; and the methylation index never exceeds 1,000.

To have an overview of how frequent certain risk levels are in a hrHPV positive population, a histogram below shows the distribution of samples by risk level.