Management Team

Miklós Nyíri

Managing Director

Miklós Nyíri is the managing director of Neumann Diagnostics. He is overseeing product development and business development. Mr. Nyíri was managing director of the molecular diagnostics company GenoID from 2005 to 2012. GenoID was acquired by Synlab International in 2012.

Márta Benczik MD

Clinical Director

Dr. Benczik graduated as a medical microbiologist at Semmelweis University Budapest, Hungary in 1995. She worked for five years at the Department of Diagnostic Virology at the Hungarian National Institute of Health (HNIH) Budapest, Hungary and two years in the USA as a postdoctoral research fellow. From 2004 she gained eleven years of professional and leading experience in the R&D of HPV diagnostics. Currently she is the Head of Synlab Genoid Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory Budapest, Hungary, synlab Hungary Ltd. (formerly Genoid Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory, Genoid Ltd.). For two years she has been the Head of Synlab International PCR Advisory Board. She is the professional and operative supervisor of an automated molecular diagnostic laboratory performing over 1000 tests per day. Between 2013-2015 she was the Clinical Director of Cellcall. Dr. Benczik is responsible for project managing, scientific and clinical collaboration as the Clinical Director of Neumann Diagnostics.

Adrienn Kocsis MD, MSc

Deputy Clinical Director

Dr. Kocsis has thirteen years of scientific experience in medical research in the academic and private sectors. Being graduated both as a medical doctor at Semmelweis University, Budapest and as a biomedical engineer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, multidisciplinarity has been ever her fundamental approach in scientific work. She is committed to women’s health, clinical laboratory and molecular research. She was a fellow at University of Helsinki, Finland for half a year. In 2007 she joined to GenoID as a junior researcher and a research fellow later on. She was working as the Head of the NGS Laboratory for three years and as the Deputy Clinical Director for more than a year at Cellcall. Currently she is responsible for the clinical aspects of R&D, project managing, product certification and the general operation of NEUMANN’s molecular laboratory as the Deputy Clinical Director of NEUMANN Diagnostics.

Tibor Takács MSc

Head of Assay Development

Mr. Takács obtained his degree in biological engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 1992. He has sixteen years of professional experience in the R&D and QA/QC of molecular diagnostics. He was a fellow at the Department of Microbiology, Semmelweis University for three years and the colleague of National Center of Oncology, Hungary for three years. As senior researcher of GenoID he participated in the development of molecular diagnostic test for STIs. He led the development of molecular tests for infectious diseases at Cellcall between 2013-2015. Currently he is working at the Genoid Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory Budapest, (synlab Hungary) while heading the assay development division of NEUMANN.