Miklós Nyíri June 20, 2017

Neumann launches survey on clinicians’ attitude towards HPV screening

Neumann prepared this survey to learn what clinicians are thinking about the approaching era of HPV screening as part of cervical cancer prevention and its potential benefits.


Miklós Nyíri February 07, 2017

Neumann will be present at HPV 2017

​Neumann will be present at the 31st International Papillomavirus Conference to be held at Cape Town, South Africa.


Miklós Nyíri December 18, 2016

Confidence Assay clinical study is Choice Contect on IJC Facebook page

+++CHOICE CONTENTS +++ Recommended by IJC Editors: "Performance of a New HPV and Biomarker Assay in Management of hrHPV Positive Women", by Kocsis, A. et al.


Miklós Nyíri May 02, 2016

Neumann will be present at EUROGIN 2016

​Neumann will be present at EUROGIN 2016 in Salzburg, Austria.


Neumann Diagnostics February 09, 2016

GenomeWeb’s in-depth story on NEUMANN

GenomeWeb published an in-depth article on NEUMANN, about the company's products and plans.