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NEUMANN developed a cervical cancer screening method which includes the Confidence HPV test and the Confidence Marker. The marker discovery, the assay development and validation are discussed in the publications and posters listed in the Publications folder. In these articles below we outlined the most recent results and the ongoing validation efforts the company is making.

Assay validation data from over 6,000 women

The ongoing Triage and Risk Assessment of Cervical Precancer by Epigenetic Biomarker (TRACE) prospective, multicenter study aimed to provide a clinical evaluation of the CONFIDENCE assay, which comprises a human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA and a human epigenetic biomarker test. Between 2013 and 2015 over 6,000 women aged 18 or older were recruited. the result was 1 mondatban.

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Follow-up after 3 years

Over 700 women aged 30 years or older who were high-risk HPV positive at baseline sampling will be called back for follow-up testing during the next 6 months.

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Clinical guidance with quantitative results

The current version of the CONFIDENCE Assay combines the yes/no result of the HPV test with the quantitative result of the methylation biomarker test.

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Endometrial cancer

Neumann Diagnostics is developing a high precision methylation biomarker test to diagnose endometrial cancer from cervical specimen.

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