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Clinical guidance with quantitative results

The current version of the CONFIDENCE Assay combines the yes/no result of the HPV test with the quantitative result of the methylation biomarker test.

This already allows a good level of risk stratification but it is Neumann’s intention to offer quantitative result for the HPV test as well.

With two quantitative tests combined the highest risk and the lowest risk patients are easy to identify. It will allow clinicians to provide informative results to their patients.

Most women who are infected with and oncogenic HPV type are anxious. But women with a low viral load infection and low level of methylation in their cells, have a very low risk of developing a severe cervical lesion. It may alleviate their anxiety to know that their infection carries a very low risk.

Similarly, the high viral load, highly methylated samples are mostly the sign of an underlying disease which needs treatment.

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